At the 2022 China Panxi Vanadium and Titanium Forum, Li Jianjun of Longmang Sponge Titanium made a detailed report on the theme of “Building a World-Class Titanium Chemical Group Leading by ‘Double Carbon'”. He described it from four aspects: “International carbon progress, domestic carbon progress, Longbai empowerment, innovation leadership, and all employees working together to reduce carbon”. He said that around the titanium element, Longbai Group is focusing on creating products such as titanium dioxide, titanium sponge and titanium alloys, and lithium-ion battery materials, giving full play to its industrial advantages, realizing multi-industry coupling, and building an ecological circle with “Longbai characteristics”. A number of technological breakthroughs have been achieved in the comprehensive utilization of vanadium, iron, scandium, chromium, cobalt, nickel and other resources and industrialization has been achieved. Through technological innovation, the efficient recycling of various metal elements in raw material ores has been achieved, effectively promoting the green and low-carbon development of enterprises. , Circular development. The Honggebei mining area of ​​Longbai Panzhihua Company has become the largest production base of titanium raw materials in the country, which has proved the comprehensive strength of the enterprise in the integration of mineral resources, technological innovation, green industry development and efficient development and utilization of mineral products. Under the guidance of the “Double Carbon” strategy, Longbai Group adheres to the “big chemical industry” route, builds a high-quality, low-cost production process for the entire industrial chain, greatly improves the level of comprehensive resource utilization, and realizes circular economy to help reduce carbon. Focusing on mineral products, titanium and zirconium products, new energy products and rare and scattered metal products, Chen Jianjian introduced the industrial advantages of the group in detail. At present, the company’s titanium dioxide and sponge titanium production capacity has reached an annual output of 1.5 million tons and 50,000 tons respectively, both ranking first in the world; in terms of new energy products, it has formed an annual output of 100,000 tons of iron phosphate and 50,000 tons of iron phosphate Lithium + 100,000 tons of graphite anode material integrated new energy product industrial system; in terms of rare and scattered metal products, the company now has the world’s largest production base of scandium oxide and metal scandium, with an annual production capacity of 50 tons, ranking first in the world First, and form a production scale of 600 tons/year of vanadium series products, and plan to form a production line of 30,000 tons/year of vanadium series products in the future. He said that Longbai Group actively responded to the call of the national “double carbon” policy, paid attention to environmental and ecological protection, proposed and gradually implemented green electricity consumption, hydropower consumption, solar energy utilization, fossil fuel reduction and substitution, terminal energy electrification, industrial Taking measures such as utilization of surplus energy and improvement of equipment energy efficiency, we have continuously cultivated the titanium chemical industry, joined hands with all employees to reduce carbon, realized multi-industry coupling, and achieved remarkable results.

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