1. The recovery of ultra-fine-grained minerals has always been a world-class problem in the field of mineral processing. Panzhihua Mining Company has built a 10,000-ton-scale industrial test line, and the industrial test has achieved good results. The new process and new agent have good adaptability to the recovery of ilmenite with a particle size of less than 38μm, and the overall recovery rate is over 50%. The recovery rate of high-grade ilmenite sorting operations exceeds 90%, and a major breakthrough has been achieved in the recovery of ultra-fine-grained ilmenite.

2. At present, titanium alloys have been used as aircraft structural materials since the 1960s. Because of their good comprehensive mechanical properties and the ability to reduce the weight of the parts themselves, they have been favored by the aviation field. However, due to the titanium alloy market The high price and the expensive elements of Nb, Mo and V in titanium alloys lead to high raw material costs. Therefore, low-cost aviation titanium alloys have received great attention.

3. According to industry insiders, Apple will not launch an electric car for the mass market, and its electric car will be positioned in the high-end market of $100,000 and above, competing with Tesla’s Model S for the market. The report also mentioned some new features of Apple’s cars, including the use of high-quality titanium alloys, and the ability to unlock keys through the iPhone.

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